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I make things, I always have...

Like many other object makers, I am a collector of things, an assembler, an arranger. The techniques I employ to make my work are fraught with danger. 
Molten or sharp: glass and metal can burn you, cut you, scar you. The physical aspect of working, the sweat, the dance, the communion with your partner or your team... Its earthy and difficult. 
I like that.

Kathleen Mitchell was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina (1958) into a family that relocated frequently during her first 9 years. A lifelong maker of art, it has been said that her stegosaurus sculpture at the age of 6 was the best piece of pinched clay in all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In 1967 her family settled in the multi-cultural city of San Diego, California. A love of Mexican folk-art compliments her proud Celtic heritage in both theme and image throughout her work. Kathleen continues to reside in San Diego with her sculptor husband, their 3 huge dogs, and an occasional visit from their guitar wielding son.